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Glossary of Terms for Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans and other Cooking Ingredients & Methods

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Kahawai - Average size 40-55 cm, weighing 2-3 kg but some up to 65cm and 5 kg. Occurs around New Zealand and southern Australia. Not related to true salmons, despite its alternative names of Pacific salmon and Australian salmon. Speckled light green-blue above, white below, juvenile fish with additional brown markings. Found in inshore waters all around New Zealand but most common from Kaikoura northwards. Mostly taken by purse seine, some by trawl. Caught all year round but main season in April to October when schooling at surface. Flesh rather dark but lightens on cooking. Medium texture, strong flavour. Especially tasty when soused, smoked or cooked by moist heat, ie. poaching or steaming. Suited to canning, when the flesh turns a delicate pink.


Kamoboko - A variety of Japanese fish paste cake. An elastic or rubbery, heat-pasteurised, Japanese style fish cake made from minced fish, with starch for thickening, and sugar, salt and monosodium glutamate for flavouring.


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Katsuo - This small tuna (6 to 8 pounds) has a light-colored meat similar to yellowfin. "Katsuo" is the Japanese name for this fish. The Hawaiians call it "aku."


Kilogram, Kilo, Kg - A metric weight equivalent to 2.2046 lbs. In the U.S. it is usually calculated as 2.2 lbs. Imported product is often sold by the kilogram.



King Crab - A giant crab that can grow up to 10 feet, claw-to-claw. It has snowy white meat edged in red. Because their numbers are rapidly decreasing, the catch is rigidly quota-controlled. Only male king crab, which are much larger than females, are fished. Three species of king crab are fished commercially:

  • Red king crab, which can weigh as much as 20 pounds apiece, is the largest crab and the largest resource accounting for more than 80% of the world king crab catch.
  • Blue king crab, which can be distinguished from red king crab by the more pronounced dark coloring on the tip of their legs, are almost as large as red king crab. Blue king crab typically sells for the same price as red king crab.
  • Brown, or “golden” king crab, is noticeably smaller and can easily be distinguished by its uniform red/orange color on their legs (the underside of red and blue king crab legs are a creamy white). Brown king crab generally sells at a discount because its typically has a lower meat content.

King crab quality can vary widely, depending upon the time of the year it is caught. Alaska red king crab, which is mostly fished in the fall, generally has excellent “meat fill” (the amount of meat in the shell), often 90% or higher. Meat fill from brown king crab, on the other hand, which is fished in deeper waters year-round, can be less than 80%. In Russia, where there are two seasons, the meat fill can vary widely. Russian crab from the winter fishery (January through April) is normally quite good. The meat fill of Russian king crab caught in the late summer and early fall fishery can be inconsistent.


King Salmon - Considered the finest Pacific salmon. This high-fat, soft textured fish can reach up to 120 pounds. Also called the "Chinook Salmon."


Kingfish: Any of several varieties of drum found along the Atlantic coast.


Kipper: To cure (herring, salmon, etc.) by cleaning, salting and drying or cold smoking. Also called "Kippered Herring" and "Kippered Snack." There are many varieties of Kippers for example the delicate and small Manx Kipper.


Kosher - Conforming to Jewish dietary laws.



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