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Glossary of Terms for Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans and other Cooking Ingredients & Methods

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I.P.W: Individual polywrapped


I.Q.F.: Individually quick frozen. Fillets are packed IQF in 2 or 4 oz. gradations; 2-4, 4-6, 8-10, etc. Typical species packed in this manner are whitefish, sole, cod, and Pacific rockfish. Shrimp are also sold IQF, breaded or unbreaded in various forms.


Immersion Freezing - Freezing by placing seafood products in direct contact with a refrigerant. The refrigerant can be applied as a bath or spray, in batch- or continuous-type freezing operations prior to packaging for subsequent frozen storage. individually quick frozen The same as frozen, but indicates the individual forms have been frozen separately, usually by cryogenic means. This prevents the forms from sticking together and facilitates use.


Interleaved - A packing method where fillets are separated by individual leaves of polythene. “Individually Poly Bagged”. A packing method where fish are packed individually in polythene bags.







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