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How To Cook Fish & Seafood

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How to Cook Shrimp on the Barbeque Grill to Perfection!!
Preheat your bbq grill or hot plate, gas or coals, to a medium heat. Put a light coat of oil onto your grill or hot plate in readiness for the skewered shrimp.....


How to Soften Dried Abalone
Bring some mineral water to a boil in a saucepan then add the dried abalone. Let it come to a boil again.......


How to Buy Fresh Fish Ė The Basics That You Must Know First
Whether purchasing fish for a celebration of sorts or just for the love of fish, getting it right the first time before sitting down and enjoying the great tastes fish has to offer is critical and can save you a lot of lost money, time, heartache and can even prevent potential health issues. So where are we best to buy from?



How to Clean and Cook Live Crabs to Perfection
So you've caught some crabs or brought live crabs from the fishmonger and now got them home. You'll need to think about cleaning your crab first before making some of those delicious crab recipes you've been reading about.


How to Easily Shuck Fresh Oysters
Opening oysters, known as shucking, requires a certain amount of skill, which can easily be attained with some practice.


How to Keep Your Recently Caught Fish at Premium Fresh Quality
Most folks love to go fishing at some time in their life, and whether itís your passion or just an occasional pastime, you really should know how to treat your catch with respect so it will reward you later with some lovely dining tastes. So how do we go about achieving this?


How to Cook Oysters Kilpatrick that is to Die For!
Very popular around the world, Oysters Kilpatrick is so famous itís almost a separate food group! You will be able to make it as good as anyone by following this simple version of the legendary dish.


How to Purchase the Freshest Prawns or Shrimp
Fresh cooked shrimp are actually cooked on board the vessel of capture the moment they are caught and then refrigerated for maximum freshness before being delivered to the markets which will be normally or hopefully within 24hrs of capture.


How to Cook & Prepare Lobster
Live lobsters can be obtained from fishermen at some harbours or, in towns, from specialist fishmongers. As a rule, however, lobsters are generally sold cooked.


Basic Cooked Prawns
How to cook raw prawns to eat or use in a recipe that calls for cooked prawns.


Instructions on preparing abalone western style
Step by Step photos


How to Beard Mussels & Open Mussels - Using a stiff brush, scrub mussels well under running water, scraping shell with a knife to remove any marine growth.  Tug beard toward pointed end to remove........


How to Peel Crawfish, Yabbies, Mudbugs or Freshwater Crayfish
Step by Step photos and detailed information.




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